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Hello everybady, when I arrive in a airport where there’s only freqence tower and not approach or center I should to request landing at the moment when I contact the active frequency or before I need to do report and finally, when I am at a good position and distance I need to request landing?

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Call inbound for landing as soon as you’re on the frequency. You will likely be given a pattern entry or cleared to land. If you are cleared to land, do not report your position. It’s unnecessary.

When only GTS (Ground, Tower. ATIS) is active you have to tune into Tower frequency and request inbound for landing. (Tune into ATIS before to find out about airfield information)

The distance is <25nm from the airport you should contact the frequency. Or sometimes the controller might on guard you, then contact them immediately and request inbound (is there is heavy traffic)

When ATC is active NEVER report position initially. Do that only if the controller forgot to give you landing clearance. The correct way is the call inbound and the controller will do the needful.

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May I suggest to see that thread


Let me condense some of the information down.

  1. If you within 25NM of the airport and below 10000 if Radar is not present, you can immediately request a landing. Do NOT say inbound rather “requesting runway”.
  2. ATC will likely assign a pattern entry and sequence. Ex. “Enter right base runway 24, number 2 traffic to follow is on final.”.
  3. Once you receive a pattern entry and sequence, you do not need to report position as it is simply an unnecessary report.
  4. At an appropriate time, Tower will clear you to land.

Also, check out JF_V’s topic above!


In that case you should contact Tower’s frequency at least 25NM before arriving at the airport, they will give you a pattern entry and/or sequence, if they don’t clear you to land continue issuing your position, otherwise if they do then it’s no longer necessary.

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