Question for the community

Hello Everyone! So I am asking the community for there input on a general question.

How many of you guys and girls work full time?
How do you guys find time to fly in Infinite Flight?

Now the reason why I ask this is because I just started a nee full time job and i feel like my time will be very limited and i want to hear from you guys!

Dan N107DC


Overnight flights. Do a 10-12 hour flight over the time you sleep. that does alot for me.


I find flights under 2 hours during the work week (thankfully I work 4-10’s) and on the weekend anything goes!

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I work 7am - 6pm, Six days a week. I usually fly an hour or two after work


I been working full time for last 20+ yrs…i still get enough free time.


I normally do short flights or hops in the evening during the week

That then leaves weekends, where I tend to do longer flights whilst I crack on with jobs or do stuff with the kids

It all kind of just works out 🙂


I go to school but normally I would do a 2hr flights 4 times in the week and on weekends I fly overnighters (13 hours each)

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I don’t work full time, but I am busy with school. I usually just get homework done first, and then I have about 2 hours to fly.

I work 4am to 1pm during the week and I usually fly 2-3 hours after work. Weekends I don’t usually fly at all.

I have work and school, both full time. Infinite Flight is my way to relax and decompress instead of TV or partying.

I also hope to have my own small GA aircraft someday, and this is great practice!

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I just turned 13 on March 21, so I don’t have anything else to do other than play the game I’ve been playing since a couple hours after it was released on IOS.

Infinite flight released on the 25th of april 2011. 8 years ago. You were 5 when you started playing? Or are you referring to when global was released?

No, while I was 5, I actually remember flying around on solo while my mom was somewhere around the world, serving people on their international and domestic Delta flights.

My grandmother bought it for me for my 5th birthday, 8 years ago.

I remember having almost no animated functions on any aircraft, and landing in the space shuttle.

I dont understand how you were to able remember such a thing.

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I remember all major events after (and including) my 4th birthday. @Hamza.N

I got to school but I fly overnights most weekend nights, and will normally fly a two hour flight once I get home. I just do my homework while cruising.

I work two or three days a work for eight hours but on top of that I have school and flying irl. I try and do a 1-2 hour flight every other day and a long haul overnight. During those 1-2 hour flights I usually do YouTube stuff as well.

I don’t work full time only part time and when i’m not i am in the sky!