Question for TBM drivers

At 6500lbs and 170 KIAS with an rpm of 1980, my rate of climb is about 1500fpm more than listed in the TBM 930 POH. The climb performance at 124 KIAS is closer to the published numbers. Anyone know why this is? What power setting do you use for climb?

Normally when I fly tbm, I just engage warp drive 🖖 and close my eyes buddy.
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Although Infinite Flight’s flight characteristics are based off real-world data, there may be some inconsistencies in performance with some aircraft at a particular phase of flight. Specifically, regarding the TBM, I personally follow the instructions in the tutorial linked below. Make sure to check it out if you haven’t already.

Take off:


TBM drivers??


Indeed! Pilots often refer to themselves as ‘drivers’. As a matter of fact, we have a user on the forum with the username “Heavydriver” who, you guessed it, is a pilot who flies heavy aircraft.


I guess that’s true…like The YT channel “Premier1Driver”

I typically climb at 160kts at 3000ft-pm when medium to light and 2000ft-pm when heavy, Stevo the youtuber whose’ livery is in the sim said that these numbers are what he has found to the best in one of his older videos

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Thanks - this is helpful to know!

Are u talking about IRL or IF?, oop nvm idk about IRL but IF, for IF I would climb at 70ish Throttle and not rush on climb

Bro Drivers sounds so epic

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