Question for Staff

Hi. My name is Alex and I have been having a issue with Infinite Flight. My grade is fine and my aircraft I use are fine but not the servers. I now just play on Casual because When I tried to load in, It says I have reports but It’s been happening for months. Help me anyone.

Could you explain more what the issue is. Do you have violations and get a message about it when trying to access other servers?

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Can you send us the picture of the message you got when you try to load into other servers

In the meanwhile look at this post

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It’s like this message that pops up when I join Training Server

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You need to be Grade 2 go access that server, what grade are you currently?

If it is similar to that message than that means you have too many violations relative to landings to fly in the training server. You must have more landings than violations. You can find the link here NOTAM: Server Access

This is what you should look at: NOTAM: Server Access
The others are for expert server.

It’s described in both of the topics above, as well as the server description in the app.