Question for spotters regarding your preferences

What is it you look for when out at the airfield?

Do you try and show up when there is a variety of liveries coming in?

Do you try and get as many distinct airplane variants as possible?

Do you time your trip to get a certain lighting? (Sunrise, sunset, cloudy, sunny, etc.)

Anyone recommend a camera good for spotting at night?

Since I live near a small airport, I would be OK with pretty much anything.

any good DSLR with high ISO amt should be good for night spotting

I live relatively near Heathrow so just rock up whenever and am treated every time. Last time I was there there were 3 A380s landing in a row haha


LHR and MIA are cities that I am so eager to spot at. I’ve been thru MIA twice but those were a quick stopovers :sweat:.

Heathrow is a pain for spotters as they make it hard to get great views. Look at Manchester as they have amazing views and they still have heavies there inc the A380. The A225 has visited there before too but idk how often

I live near YVR. Quite a good place to spot. But more of regional aircraft more than long-haul stuff, I still like it though :blush: