Question for PS/Xbox controller users

I am trying to use a PS4 controller for IF, and I don’t have any of the issues I’ve seen mentioned before, like connecting, mapping, etc. The main issue seems to only be pitch control. I am able to map it correctly, but I seems to enter a pretty heavy nose down pitch when I release the stick. I have tried calibrating the controls both from the main screen, and while paused after spawning in at an airport. The other buttons I set up seem to work with no issue. Roll, yaw, throttle, etc, etc are all stable. Pitch is the only control I seem to encounter an issue with. Any console controllers who might know a fix, or if you have a higher end setup and have a suggestion, it would be greatly appreciated. Thx

Hello! Seb has commented on this:

“Regarding the controls having to be remapped;
It’s something we’re working on.“

Topic link: PS4 controller support for iOS

Just remember the controller isn’t officially supported, and it seems bugs and kinks will be worked on :)

Yea, I saw where people were having issues mapping buttons. I guess I’m lucky as I haven’t really had an issue. My only issue is that it frequently seems like there is positive pressure on the yoke, and the plane keeps wanting to enter a dive. I can use the controller to pull out of the dive, or even increase the angle of the dive, it just seems to always have a bit of extra positive pressure for some reason.

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