Question for post live event

If i wanted to post a live event what level i need to be. I think now i am trusted level 1 and where do i find out my trusted level

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You need to be TL2 to do an #live:events. Keep contributing positively, and It won’t take a lot.

As for checking the TL, here’s 2 options:

  1. You may click on your profile pic and have a quick look at your TL. It’s shown like this:

And number 2: You can go to your User menu, go so summary, and you can check your TL.


I strongly suggest checking out #meta:forum-guide, it should work out.

Any questions? All clear? :)

if you want someone to make an event for you I can. Just give me a rough draft of the event via PM

Actually I was wondering if i could make suggestion for FNF if not then i guess live flight can work too.

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The folks who make the FNF’s (staff and mods) dont really take requests for FNF’s if i recall correctly. I wouldnt hurt to try but i think I think an event is a better idea.

Hey! You’re currently at TL1. You need to be at TL2 to post in #live:events

However, you can make a group flight, in #live:groupflights which is a great way to fly around with people.

The main difference between a group flight and an event is the time for scheduling it.

An event post can be posted a long time before the event is scheduled to happen and can have gate assignments etc. In comparison, you can post about a group flight a maximum of three hours before the flight actually happens, and no gate assignments are permitted.

Even the staff make group flights. All of the Flash Flights that you see popping up through the course of the week are all group flights - not events.

Please read the topic below carefully, for the guidelines on how to create a group flight:

Regarding the FNF, the staff don’t usually take suggestions, as far as I know.

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