Question for pilots about an idea I had

I enjoy controlling so it wouldn’t necessarily be grinding for me. There will be some lulls in the beginning, definitely, but they are much easier to get through if I think that there could be a payoff at the end. If it doesn’t work out, it doesn’t work out, we shall see.

It’s New York Center so it shouldn’t be boring.

Dont be in any doubt it will 100 percent work out because its obvious if you open everyday and people judge the pattern you’ll see traffic, but it fails for anyone who just wants to generate traffic not over a span of days or weeks but hours

First day trying this out, plan your arrivals/departures for next week if you’d like to join in my little mini-event.

Hey Kyle,

I just read your topic about creating a “mini event” on a recurring basis. Great topic.

I just want to let you know that it actually works! For weeks I try to open KSAN (tower, ground, TS) on the same time and what happens? Just what you described in your topic. Around the same time, the same people spawning in or have a flight inbound (outbound) KSAN.

So thanks to start with this initiative on the expert server. This can only work!👍


That is awesome to hear Stef, very promising!

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