Question for moderators

I’d like to know why the moderators sometimes unlist topics and they only close others. What’s the difference between unlisting and closing?

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Closing a topic - no more replies allowed.

Unlisting a topic - not accessible without a direct link. Usually used for terrible or extremely out-of-hand topics.


They unlisted the one where everyone was saying MAKE THE IFC GREAT AGAIN!!

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Yet it was reposted for a civil discussion.


The question was answered, no further discussion required.

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Hey! I’m not a moderator here, but I do moderate on another forum. Here is the rules I was given:

Topics could be closed for multiple reasons. If the topic stated a question, wait for the question to be answered. I’d wait around another 2 hours, as the user might ask another question in that time. After 2 hours of inactivity in the thread goes by, it’s safe to close it. If the thread is being closed due to problematic behavior, close the topic for 2 - 6 hours, to let everyone cool off. Depending on how bad the behavior was, discuss with staff. All topic have a 3 month timer before they get closed. If the thread is not a question thread nor an issue, leave it alone until system closes it due to inactivity.

I’ve edited out some bits that I would not like to be given out to everyone.

Often, a topic is unlisted because it contains material unsuitable for discussion or something violates the TOS. Reasons for closing is stated above :)


Except for Features topics, which only close when a mod does so and Support related topics, which close 3 days after the last reply.

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#live:groupflights is 12 hours


Woah, that’s real fast

Closing a topic means no more replies are allowed.

In listing means the topic isn’t shown anymore.

We make these decisions on a case-by-case basis. It’s fairly self-explanatory — if a topic is unlisted, we don’t this it’s beneficial for it to be accessible anymore.