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So, one of my favourite airlines is Loganair. I’d love to start one, but I believe there is just not currently any plans to add any of their aircraft, could I look to start this airline running a fictional fleet of until an ERJ-145, 135 or Saab 340 is added? If so, definitely will look into starting it.

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you can make VA at

I know, am I able to start with a fictional fleet though?

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yes, i think you make it by make the plane as generic livery.

just make it at, you should see the requirements there.

Good luck!

I know its not really close but you could use the CRJ as a replacement for the ERJ and use the generic livery


this is what i was thinking


Yes, you could start with a fictional fleet. Many VAs use what they call replacement aircraft. For example, you could use the generic CRJ to replace the ERJ as @Kyle7223 listed above.

I would definitely recommend taking a good look at There is a good amount of info that can be found there and will help in the application process as well as getting any more info that you need. But, before you apply to create a VA, you should familiarize yourself with the polices and procedures. If you need any more help, please don’t hesitate to ask.


THank you, I will begin work on both a website and reaching TL2, other than that I am at most of the requirements. Thanks for all the help everybody!


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