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Is it allowed for the [ATC Tower] to order two planes in the same runway with permission to take off?

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Two planes may not take off from the same runway simultaneously. This is whats called “departure/departure”. The first plane needs to be wheels up first.


However, two planes CAN line up and wait on the same runway, provided there is enough space.


You can only do that if they are in “flight of” which means the whole group can takeoff at once.


As waffle said above, two planes cannot take off from the same runway simultaneously, unless there is a “flight of”, but if there was a situation where the departure/arrival separation is tight, a controller may clear while an aircraft is still on the runway to expedite departures while still having enough anticipated separation.

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On my previous trip, on an expert server…
I saw that, Two planes on the same runway were ready to take off and the tower was given them permission to take off with any report

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Were they on their takeoff roll at the same time or did the one behind line up while the one in front began his takeoff roll?

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Not always true. IFATC are encouraged to clear aircraft for takeoff when the prior aircraft reaches 80-100 kts on the runway, and the prior aircraft is airborne by the time the other aircraft has started their takeoff roll. Obviously take size into consideration, for example don’t clear a 757 with a Cessna still on the runway.


@ThomasThePro, that is one scenario, but I think the OP is talking about situations like these.


In the situation above, the green plane has taxiied to the intersection, and the red plane to the end of runway 09R. In situations like these, both planes are able to line up and wait, and the green plane can take off. The red plane can be given takeoff clearance when the green plane is around 100-120 knots and airborne. It’s something done in real life to help get more departures out. I like to do this procedure, as well as the procedure that @RTG113 mentioned, it all depends on the layout of the airport.


No, they were on the takeoff list

MaxSez: Just the Fact please opinion iis Bad JuJu!

An aircraft waiting to depart can also be cleared to enter/line up on a runway behind another aircraft taking off or landing. … But actually, two aircraft can takeoff or land on the same runway at the same time in accordance with and as stated in ICAO Doc 4444 section 7.10 on Reduced Runway Separation.



Can you elaborate what you mean by the takeoff ‘list’?

Dont assume what happened, let him explain what the question was and then answer.

I’m now flying in the sky. Wait me to land at the airport
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I mean this

That is not allowed and quite dangerous. Only one aircraft is allowed to be on take-off roll at the same time.

Is this in regards to the flight that we already had a lengthy PM conversation about earlier?


I also have a question about ATC which can be asked here instead of creating another topic.

Sometimes IRL there are 2 parallel runways at the airport, but these runway have different space between it. For example let’s take EGLL and UUEE. At EGLL both runways can be used independently of each other - landing and takeoff can be performed at the same time. And UUEE has a smaller space between parallel runways which is not safe for simultaneous use- due to which dispatcher is forced to keep departing plane lined up, while another one is approaching another runway. Do IFATC controllers follow such rules?

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