Question For future Pilots and Air Traffic Controllers

I’d like to become an air traffic controller in the USAF first. I’m applying the day I turn 17 so I have a good chance of getting there. I don’t really mind where the Air Force sends me because I like to travel. When I’m done I think it be cool to control at my local airport, KMLI, or KMIA. I would probably just fly GA planes as a hobby.

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Aero commander 500 and SVMI

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Anyone? Is this the A350-900ULR?

A Maddog would also be cool!

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I just applied for a position to be an ATC and if i do make it.

Its either WSSS, WSSL, approach, departure or center. Not sure if i can pick because most atcs i managed to talk to are stationed in approach or centre in Singapore with a secondary role of controlling in WSSL.

After that, im gonna fund for my PPL and I’ll generally fly whats there to rent in WSSL. I dont have a particular GA, i just wanna fly.

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Well defiantly going to become a pilot over ATC and I would like to fly the A320/A319 because that aircraft inspired me to become a pilot and love aviation!

Probaby a 737 because I would like to fly with a yoke… Even though im an Airbus fan…

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Its says on my profile. ATC at EGNS

These are the aircraft that I would like to fly someday for an airline:

  • a320
  • a330
  • Dash-8

I have no intentions of becoming an ATC officer :)

Out of narrow bodies:
Boeing 737-MAX8
Boeing 737-800
Airbus a321

Wide bodies:

I would fly an A320-232 or an A321

Good luck, if you have any generalized questions about atc in the Air Force hit me up

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@THE-OP How’d you get the job? Did you apply by waiting for an ATC opening or just got it when applied for the Air Force?

I would like to fly in and out of London City :)

When I joined (2005) I wanted a flying job. Basically told my recruiter I wouldn’t sign for anything else. I graduated high school and didn’t want to stay at home any longer and was ready to go. I called my recruiter and asked how long till I left and it was gonna be 6 months for loadmaster. Basically asked what jobs I could leave within the month with and he gave me another list. ATC was on there so I took it and left like 3 weeks later. As long as your asvab scores are good enough for the job you want, you can hold out to get what you want. Don’t get talked into anything else. We need controllers right now and will continue to need them for the foreseeable future.


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