Question for FlightCast's livestream! (Ended)

Here you can ask questions for tomorrow’s livestream in FlightCast’s Facebook page. @jasonrosewell


He asked someone to post a topic for him during his short livestream a few minutes ago on Facebook. :)


Can’t believe Carson wasn’t first.


A miracle might have happened.

Is it questions for everyone there?

Propably yes (for every participant in the Mod Con).

Ok then.

@jasonrosewell ask Laura are we (infiniteflightnews) annoying in our DM if so we can stop bothering you so much.

Jason how does it feel finally seeing everyone in person??? Mark looks so cool 😎. And Tyler and heavy driver just look like amazing guys to hang out with. You are one incredibly lucky guy Jason haha tell them I said hi.
You guys look awesome!!! I wasn’t able to catch the livestream when it was live but I watched the video and my goodness I feel like I already know you guys even though I don’t know you guys.
@Mark_Denton you do not look like the sarcastic guy from the podcast 😂
Laura is looking beautiful!
@Tyler_Shelton is exactly how I pictured him!
@Heavydriver now you interest me!! It would be fun one day to hang out with you my friend.
@jasonrosewell I love that hairstyle

One question for you though in all seriousness…have you tried the local food?

Can we expect to see an Infinite Flight Con for all users/fans at any point, in light of this little rendezvous?

What did you eat so far on your trip?

He ate some Chinese food.

What is your favorite voice in the Flightcast recordings so far?
Will you be doing some YouTube/Twitch streams?

Mark :
What is your favorite airline?
When global flight comes out in Infinite Flight, where will you fly?

Laura :
Do you like Pepsi?

Thank you,

Is Laura going to ask about me going to work for FDS?


I will put the name of the person that I’m directing the question at

Jason - Did you ever think you would have gotten this far with the podcast? Do you have plans for a regular YouTube, livestream, etc?

Jason - how long does it take you to fully produce an episode? Including the recording, editing, whatever else.

Laura - Your direct involvement with community members is what makes the Infinite Flight Staff one of the best in the industry. Do you really enjoy interacting with other people, through the forums, Instagram, etc? Do you feel that being active and present in social media plays a large role for FDS as a company?

Mark - Similar to my question for Jason, start to finish, how long does it take to create a tutorial episode?

Mark - We are always happy as listeners to hear you on the podcast for the week. What do you most enjoy when recording podcasts? Answering questions, just hanging out with Jason?

Tyler - We all know you are in the Air Force for ATC. Do you enjoy what you do? Or does it kind of feel like a drag? How is military life for you different than a normal ATC life?

Laura - Is creating Infinite Flight what you ultimately want to do with your life, at least for this part? Do you have plans for something bigger, maybe not Infinite flight related, in the future?

Stephen and Jared - You both are very active in the ATC community in Infinite Flight. Are you glad you both do what you do? What would you be doing if you weren’t an ATC for Infinite Flight?

Cheers guys,
Thomas Galvin


Stephen and Jared: Did you ever open IF while in the cockpit at altitude?

Mark: Many want to know… Are you single?

Mark: Who is the biggest dumbass in IF?


Is there anyway that soon we will be seeing more smaller regional planes that will follow in the footsteps of the dash-8 such as saabs and ATRs. Mainly just anymore propeller driven aircraft ? This is just to anyone that may know.Thanks.

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Jason - how do you get your hair like that?

Mark - what do you do outside of IF?

For anyone. Which would u rather have in IF DC-10 or MD-11. And can we see these in the future ?

This question is for everybody. You have 2 seconds to answer.

What is the first drink that comes to your mind?

Favorite food?

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First drink water favorite food pizza