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Hello everyone! So I know that Delta uses the 767-300/400 to operate their ATL-BOS route quite often. I want to use that same route but with the A330-900neo would that be realistic since they are both wide body’s? If so what gate do I arrive at in Boston, Delta’s Terminal A, or the Internatioanl terminal that is equipped with bigger gates for wide body aircraft? Please let me know, thank you!

If you want to be realistic, then don’t do it. However this is a flight simulator where you simulate things that would or wouldn’t happen IRL.

If you plan on doing that flight with the A339 I would check FR24 at KBOS or KATL to find where you could park.

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All I could find was A321’s and 757-2’s operating that route. Perhaps a flight or two could’ve been upgraded or a charter between the two. Of course nobody’s stopping you, however a A339 is unrealistic.

Delta uses terminal A at Boston btw


I believe you created a similar topic a little while ago, a user gave a good response that can apply here too :)

Where does everybody get these terminal maps I’ve been trying to find them has all these maps
Just enter your desired airport’s IATA code

ATL-BOS seems like it’d be ok to fly the A330 if they really fly the 767.
But A330 NEO seems like a little push, since it’s mostly only used on long haul flights. I wouldn’t say it’s unrealistic but if I were you I’d go for the plain A330. A route database is linked below of all the flights that fly with the A330 NEO irl for extra realism! The Airbus A330-900neo Route Database


Google the airport code , and plates or diagram example :

" KJFK Plates" or " KJFK Airport Diagram"

Just substitute the airport you want .
this will usually lead you to several sources for the diagram and other proceedures , such as SIDS , STARS and Approach Plates.

This is not guaranteed though for every airport and some data maybe dated unless you have a payed subscription to a service to obtain these. Many can be obtained for free with the search.

Message me if you need help.

I use these published proccedures to obtain any speed or attitude restrictions that may apply to departures and approaches beyond the IF info.

Cheers !

Greetings, Tap is the only carrier that flys a339 Down there and nowadays mostly use a321neolr. Delta has never operated one there. If you want to be realistic fly it to jfk from Seattle. Delta mainly does 757 in Boston. Happy flying

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