Question for confirmation

I just want to confirm if Infinite Flight removing some of the livery?

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Can you be a bit more specific? Which liveries are you worried about Infinite Flight removing?


If you are talking about the A330, we’ll never know until release day.

Not only A330, but other types of aircraft and their livery

Then it’s not likely to remove liveries of other aircraft in an aircraft update.

Actually some of the officials told us that they probably will remove the Korean air livery for the A330, because they operate with a PW4000, which is not included in the upcoming update.

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Until Staff publish an official announcement or blog post, everything is pure speculation, and is subject to change as always. The A330 is still a WIP, as an example. We’ve been surprised and amazed in the past so, let’s not panic just yet.


Yeah some of the A330 liveries may be removed, but liveries on other planes will probably remain untouched.

Just saying cause you said we’ll never know if we’re talking about the A330.

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Do bear in mind that the devs may surprise us 👀👀

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Like some asian livery, of Airbus and Boeing

Just because they’re removing the Korean Air livery, that doesn’t mean they’re removing it because it’s an Asian livery. It’s just the livery’s engine compatibility issue for the Korean Air’s A330. The Devs aren’t intending any kind of continental discrimination.


The devs will surprise you lol

Some liveries sometimes has to make room for others. We generally never remove something that is still in use though, and not on a model that’s not being remodeled.


Aww i see 😅.

Just to clarify, not only asian but aother livery, specially that are not using most of the time. (I forgot to put this in edited version of my reply)

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Great 👍, Just added it since I saw some people misunderstanding the intention of the livery’s discount.

One last questions sir. So you will notify us if you will remove the specific livery?

We won’t. The complete livery lists are published when ready and that’s about it :)


what they said ^^

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Ahhww. That’s sad. Anyway, thank you for answering my questions 😁