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Hello dear community, I have a question for you: what are vectors and transitions? Thank you.


Thanks for your question. Vectors are instructions that are provided to you from ATC in terms of a set heading and altitude. For example, ATC could give you an instruction such as “turn left heading 080, descend and maintain 5,000ft”, this is known as a vector.

Transitions can be requested by aircraft when they are not within a radar facility and are transiting through the tower controller’s airspace. In relation to Infinite Flight, Tower airspace is defined as the most immediate ring surrounding the airport and up to 5000ft above airport level (AAL).

An aircraft is required to request a transition altitude from ATC if they plan on flying through the tower’s airspace without the intention to land at the airport.

Let us know if you have any more questions!


Transition: Allow you to fly across the airport without busy it or make conflicts in current pattern works, it’s approved all the times following the next formula, Airport altitude + 2500fts.

Example: Let’s say LAX is on 500fts and you request a transition, tower will say “Transition is approved at or above 3000fts.”

Vectors: When departure, approach or center frequencies are active you could request vectors, typically it’s like when they say “Turn left heading 044º, descend and maintain 4,000fts.”

In other words, vectors are directions.

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