Question for Community Members

Hi All,

As a way of helping me to revise my ATPL theory course, I’m considering creating a series of community threads as a form of ‘Community Ground School’ here on the IF forums.

These will not be like Infinite Flight’s tutorials - they won’t be tutorials for the simulator, rather they will be explainers on theory topics (meteorology, principles of flight, radio nav etc.) and they will likely be more in depth, much more like what you would learn should you go to study ATPLs at a commercial flight school.

I am not a certified flight or theoretical knowledge instructor. The threads would be for interest only, not to be used for real world aviation, but may be of use to those interested.

My question, for now, is simple. Would anyone be interested in such an idea?

Please let me know below, along with anything in particular you would like to see.

Thank you in advance!



This sounds like a great idea!

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I’d definitely be up for reading these!

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Think it’s a great idea Harry, look forward to reading them and expanding my own knowledge


I would love this!!

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