Question for atc

Ok so I have a couple quick questions

  1. let’s say a plane is at kfat and is in a right field downwind would I say enter right downwind 29r or would I just clear them for the option or would I do bolth

  2. if a plane has just entered your frequency request a landing should you tell them to enter straight in ect or do you just clear them

Have the requested landing or touch and goes?

When they have not been cleared by Approach for an Approach; Pattern Entry > Sequence (if necessary) > Clearance

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Touch and goes

First of all the given scenario is not sufficient to determine the situations, is it in pattern or what or where it at?

Check out Tower section in this link: Inbounds | Infinite Flight for more info

If they are inbound and haven’t been issued a pattern entry then they will need a pattern entry, sequence (if necessary) and a clearance for the option left/right traffic. Same goes for if they are inbound for landing, but if they’re landing they’ll need a landing clearance not a clearance for the option.

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yeah I mean if they are remaining in pattern, no pattern entry is needed right? unless request runway change

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If they are inbound requesting touch and goes then they’ll need one. If they took off from your airport remaining in the pattern then they only need a sequence and clearance for the option.

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ohhh yeah, I was talking another scenarios, soz

I have a lot to learn lol

It’s confusing at first but it gets easier to understand.

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Yeah please refer to ATC guide in Infinite Flight User Guide as it will tell you what should you do under different scenarios. Since ur description is not very clear(or because of my poor understanding)

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Will do thx for answering my questions

You think I should tell the aircraft enter straight in or enter right base

Enter left base entry works in this situation.

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