Question for ATC

Hello, I’m tuned in at Osaka Kansai Tower, and I asked to land about 5-10 minutes ago. The controller asked me to enter right base. Is it possible that the controller doesn’t hear my messages? I’ve been waiting quite a long time.

You could send him another request to land. It seems however, you are quite far from RJBB so it is a possible reason why they’ve not responded to you.

I asked though.

hi! i am your controller, I have given you four pattern entries, but you have ignored them and are continuing to fly into the Pacific Ocean…


Oh, really? I didn’t know that. I’ll start going back towards the airport.

Definitely looks like a connection problem here.

You said the controller told you to enter the right base so you should have entertered the right base and then as you got closer he would have cleared you. I can explain pattern entry’s if you are not fimiliar.

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eh, I doubt it, he’s been on my radar perfectly fine for the past 30 minutes

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I meant on his end not yours.

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ah I see what you mean

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Alright, I’m heading towards the airport now.

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I’m confused, what am I doing wrong?

you need to make your base and final turns on your own
once you’re established on final, I’ll clear you to land


Oh, I didn’t know I had turn on final.

You should really watch this — Pattern Work Tutorial


Yes, please be familiar with all ATC commands before entering a controlled airport. 🙂

The controller is supposed to do that. Pattern entry sequence clear repeat

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