Question for ATC

So, I got ghosted on right before touching down at Cancun for “Failure to go around” but I was wondering who the tower controller currently is, since you can see on the replay that I start to pull up right before getting ghosted.



Contact your controller by looking at who ghosted you in your logbook! Who was it? You will be able to PM them on the forum!

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Alright, thanks.


The current tower controller in Cancun is @KaiM, he has been notified via this tag and will contact you when he is available.


MaxSez: Why is Contacting a Ghosting Controller such a convoluted experience?
I’ll tell you why, until controllers are required to identified themselves utilizing a PM addressable Msg and not a Pseudonym! Plus, members must read & understand the Sim’s Rules before they Gripe Here!



There’s a directory of all the controllers and their username at so really it’s not that bad of a system. People just have to know where to look to find the name of the controller but it’s not really a convoluted process. I’d also assume the few extra steps are meant to safeguard the process so only people who really care about learning from their mistakes or correcting an issue will contact the controller.

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