Question for ATC

I got ghosted a couple of days ago for not following ATC instructions. I’m not sure why I got ghosted, I was in the approach frequency, then, the controller goes offline, I connect to the tower, the controller asks me to enter left downwind. Once I enter the left downwind, he asks me to contact approach (which is back online), I then get ghosted a couple of seconds after.

This is only my fourth time in the expert server, so I was wondering if someone could tell me what I was doing wrong.


Please do one of 2 things:

  1. Tell us who your controller was in the logbook
  2. Send a PM to @reports and you’ll have it sorted there.

This is only to be used if the controller and pilot are unable to reach a verdict and need moderator input, or if the ghost is being reversed.

So I send the name and explanation as a PM to find out why?

Oh okay. Thanks

Thanks for the input. Didn’t know.

You can tell us who was you controller here and we’ll take you to them.

I don’t want to report someone, I just want to know the reason of the ghosting

You don’t need to bash someone because you’re not doing so right now. Please tell us who your controller was and they’ll PM you. Simple.

Okay, Ethan H.

You can settle this with @Ethan_Hansen via PM.

Alright, thanks

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