Question for ATC @ PHNL

I was operating an inbound flight to PHNL as Brickyard 44, the controller gave me a “check forum for tutorial on atc” message once I landed but I’m pretty sure I followed all the protocols. The controller’s name was ‘IFATC IPP Kuan H’, is there any way I could contact them to ask what I needed to fix?

Contact @Kuan_H and just ask him :)

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thanks for the quick feedback guys! I wanted to make sure I was contacting the right person :)

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Hi 👋 The reason I gave you is because when you exit the runway it’s already instructed to contact ground, so it’s not necessary to request frequency change.
Thank you Very much 😉


Ah I think that’s where the confusion must have been because I never got an exit runway instruction but I think I heard there was incoming traffic on the rwy I was on so I exited and then contacted you with the freq. change request

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In the future if I don’t get a rwy exit instruction is it best to change frequencies on my own accord or still contact tower for permission?

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You’ll need to request a frequency change from tower. It’s the controller’s fault for not giving you one, but you’ll still need their authorization to switch. If they tell you to check the forums or avoid sending duplicate messages, you can always come here to the forum to plead your case. :)


According to @Panther’s post earlier today,

    Pay attention to exit runway commands

    Exit runway, cross XX | Don’t contact ground until you’ve crossed the runway
    Exit runway, hold short XX | Stay on tower frequency until cross runway is given
    Exit runway | Don’t stay on tower frequency, contact ground when off the runway!
    No exit runway command given? Just contact ground

Ehh, it depends on the circumstances, I suppose. You’re technically not supposed to switch frequencies without permission, but if it’s super busy, some controllers might be fine if you do it in order to lessen their workload. I personally would get off the runway (get behind the hold short line), and then request frequency change, but that’s just me.

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