Question for all the IFATCs out there

I really get this! Often when doing other unrelated tasks like sport for example, you often get into a flow, and I can imagine the exact same with controlling

It really seemed like it during my time on the approach frequency. At one point, all aircraft were directed onto an extended downwind to allow for more time for departures. It seemed like a very hectic area, considering the one runway in use and the amount of traffic needed to be filtered in.

Yeah, I can see the fun in all of it, especially sorting aircraft into patterns etc… kinda seems like piecing together a puzzle in the sky! 😂
That ‘split’ idea is very interesting, although it makes complete sense in a very crowded airspace. Of course, communication and planning ahead is key at all times, I guess it’s what makes or breaks a good session

Yep! It is very important to plan your session, as you will have aircraft arriving from all directions, so it’s very important and effective to plan how you’re going to organise all of those aircraft.

The “split” tag can be used for Tower/Ground as well, and it’s mainly used when it’s busy. It is always recommended to “split” the frequencies if it’s busy so that you can provide great ATC service.

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I’ve flown into split frequencies many times, and it definitely does help the amount of workload put on a single controller. I remember the Gatwick fly in last year, that was probably the busiest I’ve seen an airport!

There’s a picture of my approach pattern into AKL, I was given an extended downwind, as were all of the aircraft behind me, everyone got switched at one point

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