Question for all commercial airline pilots

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This is just out of interest really but if you fly for an airline, how do you decide between airbus or Boeing?

Is it your choice as an applicant? Or is this something that is done beforehand I.e. You set your mind on If and take external tests?

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Well, normally it’s up to the airline to decide. You can contact @DeerCrusher and @Heavydriver for this one:)


Not that I am a pilot for an airline but I think the pilots are trained to fly specific planes, and would have to fly the one they are trained for.

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That didn’t answer the question. He said how do you choose the aircraft you train for.

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If you don’t have experience, than there’s no need to answer 🙂.

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Its up to the airline (If they are ordering more boeing aircrafts then they will recruit more boeing trained pilots), also most newer pilots are on the short haul routes (Smaller Aircraft)… But as you go up the ranks some airlines will give you the option of what you would like to fly.

-Internet and confirmed by my friend

(If you dont want to take this as I am not a pilot myself. Then okay!)

Pretty sure you don’t have to be an ATP to awnser this one. You fly what ever they tell you you’re going to fly


Seniority and aircraft availability to answer simply.


Some airlines will let you decide if they don’t have a need of pilots for a certain type.

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