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Do you think you well add airport 3D in your next update. Just to know! 😃
(Sorry i am French person I am not good in English)

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Check project metal on the official Infinite Flight website 😉😉😉

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3D buildings are currently in the works - and will be implemented/easier to implement once Project Metal is complete.


Where is it. Because I am new

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3 Likes I think that’s the website


Project Metal This website informs you about Project Metal.


3D buildings or anything related won’t be available for another few years unfortunately. Don’t expect it in one of the next updates.


3D buildings won’t be in this update, in fact, they’ll probably won’t come for a long time.
Microsoft, who you may know as a company who probably has billions of dollars to spend, had a lot of trouble doing it, and with IF we’re talking about a company which doesn’t has waaaay less people, money and data. Oh, and don’t forget, it needs to run on devices with 1 GB of RAM and look good. So yeah, don’t expect that soon


Asked and answered, check out the linked blog posts for the most up-to-date information!