(Question) Flying for Fun on a commercial flight

Hi everyone.
I was wondering if it’s okay to book a flight just for the fun of flying. I know it’s usually meant for going to point A and B, but I was wondering.

American Airlines is brining back Their Airbus A319 service into Manchester (KMHT) for the month of March. It’ll be 2x A319 and 3x ERJ145.

What I want to do is fly the A319 from MHT-PHL both ways, which will be during the night time.

The main reason I want to do this, is because we rarely get Airbuses Here, and Delta has unfortunately decided to leave us last year due to the Pandemic (they used to bring daily A320’s here)

I want to film the experience of flying on an Airbus A319, and because there aren’t any videos of Trip Reports out of MHT which have any mainline other than Southwest.

The trip would be like this (example)

AA7821 (Example callsign)
Airbus A319
6:30pm - 8:05pm

AA7822 (Example Callsign)
Airbus A319
8:50pm - 10:20pm

The cost would be 271.19

Would it be okay to book just to fly for fun, or would it be a waste of money.

This would take place in March


DO IT!!! Book the A319 lol.

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We will book the A319 DOING IT!

A lot of people I know book flights for the sake of flying! Come back the same day. If you feel like you want to do it go for it


Future Jeb Brooks on the way I see.

I think you should book it! The A319 would be sick to fly!


Do it bro!!!

I’d say do it. The prices aren’t too bad, right?

However, there’s a massive concern here. American Airlines has barely touched its March schedule. For example, on most days there are 12 daily A321T flights between JFK and LAX, four daily 777-300ER flights on DFW/JFK-LHR at the end of March, and other things that likely won’t happen with COVID.

There’s a chance when AA loads its March schedule the A319s could change into other aircraft, but we’d have to wait until they update the schedule to see the more accurate flights.


Absolutely okay to do so. Personally, I wouldn’t travel by air unnecessarily (just random flights) during the pandemic but if you want to no one’s going to stop you.


Yes yes do it!! I flew JAX - ORD - JAX on a day off once bc the flights were $30 on spirit and I was like why not?


Perfectly ok to do. I know lots of people that do even during these times. Just be safe doing it. I know I’d still do it if everything was shut down. To add on to this, I did exactly this in October

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The prices go up as the time passes. I don’t think they’d change it.

They usually do seasonal winter mainline anyways

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Just as I said, the price just went up for the flights today

I have booked the American flights. Hopefully they stay as the Airbus A319. Very excited!


If you get lucky try to strike up a convo with the flight crew, Pilot, or Cabin Crew…might get to sit in the big boy seat😉

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I’ll wow them with my Student Pilot knowledge

This seems like a super fun idea! Wish I could do it! Unfortunately im still 16 so my parents would say no the moment I ask. If you decide to do it I wish you the best of funs!!

If you feel like it’s something you need to do. Go for it. I fly for fun. Point A to point B, then I have a 30 minute layover and go back home. So go for it. It’s really fun.

I mean you won’t impress them but mabey you’ll get lucky and they’ll let you jump seat or idk walk around with the crew idk MABEY

Dew it >:)

Always do what makes you happy ! I would deffiently do the same. Its just even the only domestic route here is currently closed. (Living in Israel)