Question-Crash planes call sign


today I saw a plane with the call sign

United 175 heavy

and we all know that plane was involved in the 9/11
so is that call sign “inappropriate?”

I wouldn’t deem it as inappropriate. We never know if it is a tribute of some kind. They could’ve had family on that plane or 175 could be their favorite number. We never know


It could also have been a mistake. I often use “Airline 755” and have never checked to see if that might be a crash with some airlines.

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So if I see this when I am controlling
I should just assume it is a Mistake

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It’s not inappropriate. Because if 9/11 never happened that callsign is just another callsign. I don’t really think the callsign would be inappropriate. What would be inappropriate is saying something about 9/11 that could be offensive. Also the guy may have had no idea that the callsign was from 9/11.


Ok thanks
makes sense

You probably know what inappropriate is, but I know because my grandpa died on 9/11. I never got to meet him.

Sorry For Your Lost

I really did not mean to offend Anybody
sorry @Josh_Smith


Nah it all good. I should’ve never mentioned anything. I was just saying how the callsign wouldn’t be inappropriate because I wasn’t taking any offense to it.

I’ve seen the callsign “Malaysian 370” or “MH370” quite a lot so you’re fine.

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