Question: Can you enter the Admirls Club without being Elite status (Pay a fee)?

So, I’m flying on American Airlines this June. I am curious to see what the American Airlines Admirl club looks like. I’ve been wanting to film the inside of one for my YouTube channel.
I do have AAdvantage, but I don’t fly often (that will change soon as I’m saving money to fly on American Airlines to many places).
Can I enter the Admirls Club for a fee? How much does it cost and has anyone ever step foot in the Admirls club lounge?

Thanks :)

Your answer has come. I searched and found this

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Huh. Thanks for your answer :)

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Its also on the aa website. it says the best way is for a year cost. Just cause I assume you couldn’t get the credit card. Does not include bos mia or dfw

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I don’t need another credit card. Thanks for the info :)
I already have three credit cards. Two of which i need to pay off.
I don’t want too many credit cards on me

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If you just want to try it an annual membership is a waste of time as you noted.

One day AC pass seems to be $59. Which airport are you going from?

Our airport doesn’t have an Admirls club (waaaay to small for one).
I’m connecting through Philadelphia. I have passed an Admirls club there when I connected there twice twice in 2016.


of those I would pick PHL (there is an AC above A15). Possibly look at MIA, I think some of the ACs there are in the process of being closed and refurbished but I don’t know what the current state of play is so you need to check that if you want to try there.

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