Question: Balancing Infinite Flight with being a student pilot?

I’m curious to know how those of you in flight school balance all the homework, time in the airplane and classes with playing in Infinite Flight and being apart of IFATC and VAs etc. My question to you is if you had to make any sacrifices in terms of Infinite Flight over school?

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If you want to gain some real world flying benefit from the app, get yourself a VFR flying chart for an area you are interested in, plot courses on it, and try to fly them visually in the app without any GPS. It’s fun and a valuable skill!


Thank you! I’ll try that sounds fun!

As a student pilot, high school student, and as someone who is involved frequently in the Infinite Flight world, it can be tough. Academics always come first, but I do find myself wishing I had more time for certain activities. With things like summer break upcoming, however, it is manageable and there are times when I can enjoy myself after my school/real world work is done. Time management has proved to be a real challenge over quarantine, but I’m learning every day.

Academics first, Infinite Flight second. Sacrifices are necessary sometimes - I’ve had to leave a few VAs, cut down on my activity, get bumped down a grade or so, but academics are what will take you further in the long haul. Sometimes, you have to realize what’s most important to you.

Hope this helps!


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