So, I heard that you can pick the runways for ATIS with the real runways they are useing in real life, what website do you look at to find the runways that the airport is useing in real life?

Because I can not find one


If you look on and look up the airport, it will give you a bunch of helpful links


I can’t quite find the part we’re it says the runways in use

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Flightradar24 is a helpful one but we go by current wind and weather at the airport to decide which runways are better suited at that moment to operate.


I like to use FlightRadar24 or at the airports it supports. Many times those airports also have an ATIS that LiveATC picks up as well which is nice. However, my main source is FR24.


I usually check the METAR for what runways to use, but in very rare cases, sometimes the real procedures will be used.

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I use, FlightRadar24, or just quickly google it. There is often something online that goes over an airport’s procedures. For example, if controlling XXX, search “XXX runway configuration”, where XXX is the airport.

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I was checking every website out
On that Flights2 app
Was do the Colours mean


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The blue aircraft represent they are being tracked by satellite. If you have any more questions feel free to shoot me a pm. :)


Just wanted to clarify something here - IRL usage is not the only resource we go to for determining the active runways. Weather (as mentioned by Asher) is one of the most common influences, but there are other factors such as terrain and operational efficiency that can affect what runways are in use.

If conditions allow for real-world runway usage to be implemented, go for it. Just keep in mind that there are often discrepancies between IF and IRL runway selection. :)


Usually some airports will always use the same runways, for example SFO

Dep: 1s & 28s

Arrival: 28s


SFO does change their configuration, but rarely. That example was really just an example of a search term you could put into Google.

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very rarely as a local I have never seen any configuration other than the west plan

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Yeah, about once per decade. I live in the Bay Area too. Either way, there are IRL configurations that can be found online for many airports.

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