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Hi I have a question, why when I use the infinite Flight only in TRAINING SERVER, I can’t use ATC? I cani use only UNICOM such CASUAL SERVER GRADE 1

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there has to be an active ATC. when you go online. check for airspace status. where there is ATC active. it shows right there on online menu. choose the right airport for spawning.
Advise on TS1 spawn at KLAX and EGLL. you’ll find atc 90% of time.


Also, you have to keep in mind that Training Sever ATC controllers can go offline anytime in your flight.

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You have to join an active wirport with atc on it. Only then you will be able to contact them

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Infinite Flight as you probably know has 3 servers, this being Casual, Training and Expert.

Training Server is for practicing pilot/atc skills.
You’ll see on the main menu when someone opens an airport. A green person will occupy a certain space when there is an active frequency (like shown below)
Obviously, there is no garuntee where atc will be controlling on the training server as these people are volunteers who just want to practice their skills.
If you’d like ATC on the training server, simply go to an airport where a green person icon is occupying
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I think there is no atc for training server grade 1

Could you put this in the support category. If you are unable to don’t worry about it…

Support is for issues with the app… so no

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You can’t be grade 1 on the training server. Therefore the OP was on the casual server in which there is no live ATC. Only unicom is available.

Also there is confusion if you are a pilot or if you are trying to control.

We will not be moving this to support unless it is an actual app issue.

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Sound like an in app issue to me @Josh but it’s ok. :-)

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