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Hey Y’all
I have a quick question. Is there a category for the different squawks! Example Squawk 7500 is for Hijacking.
I take take constructive criticism very harshly sometimes. So pls use kind words to explain to me.
Thank u all

Hiya, how do you mean exactly?

Are you looking for a pre-existing topic regarding various sqwawk codes or are you asking for what the different squawk codes are:

7000 - UK conspicuity code
1200 - USA VFR code
7500 - Hijacking (as you correctly stated)
7600 - Radio/Communications failure
7700 - Emergency/Severe threat to life (i.e. Mayday situation)

If you’re looking for a thread depicting the squawks, I’ve just had a look around and can’t find one that exists. Could be worth making for the #real-world-aviation category though!



What is the squawk for military escort just curious

And thank u

That one I don’t know I’m afraid. If anyone else knows though, please feel free to say!

If you search “squawk codes” on google, the first result will be a list of codes :)

@nicopizarro thank u so much

This can be closed thx @moderators

No problem. Happy to help.

Although next time please try to search by yourself before posting :)

@nicopizarro I don’t have access to the safari on my device! Sorry

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