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Hey everyone! I was looking at some aviation photos, and I kept seeing pics of American fighter aircraft closely parked on the carrier deck. How would the carrier operate if there’s no space for aircraft to take off?

Here’s an example:

(I apologize I have no sources for the image, but I don’t take any credit for them)

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Correct me if I’m wrong, but in the second image I’m pretty sure the aircraft land next to where the aircraft are being stored. The part with the yellow and white line that runs at a slightly different angle to the ship.



OP: they tow them in and out of parking.

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Correct me also if i’m wrong, but I’m sure the Carriers do have storage areas under the deck for aircraft when not stored above

The top picture shows a carrier entering a Harbour as you can also see the crew in their best uniform lining the edge of the flight deck. When they enter Harbour they often put all the aircraft on the deck as show of power.

The second photo you can clearly see the angled flight deck which is being kept clear for Flight Ops, it still has more air fit on deck then you would expect for flying stations so likely entering Harbour or somewhere else where you need to show power.

Normal flying stations most aircraft would be struck down to the hanger below decks so that the flight deck is kept clear to just the operational aircraft.

Source: I wear a dark blue suit for a day job ;-)


Spot on David. Getting ready for the next flight sortie of perhaps a dozen aircraft, would involve spotting a few aircraft aft of the island (superstructure), and along the port side. Remaining are taken to the hanger deck below, and parked muck like the first picture.
Every aircraft is chained to the deck by at least 12 chains to prevent movement.
FltOps is a well choreographed performance by well trained sailors.
I was blessed to take part many years ago. There are some great videos on YouTube. (Search “Carrier Flight Deck Ops”.)


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