Question abuot STAR

Hello everybady I have a question for you: when I do a STAR and it doesn’t connect well with the approach route can I connect them with more weypoints also if they aren’t part of them? And when I have done that I need to request vectors at ATC or I can request normally an ILS approach?

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The star will usually decide what star to use


You can add waypoints between the STAR and the approach, however, it’s not really realistic (if that’s your goal) because the reason for gaps between the STAR and IAF is usually that ATC would give you vectors towards the IAF in real life.
It also normally says something like that on the charts then for example “Expect Radar Vectors to final approach course”.

For Infinite Flight you can definitely do it and ATC will just let you fly your flight plan if it doesn’t conflict with anyone else and if they don’t cut it to make your approach more efficient meaning you don’t have to request vectors. Also keep in mind that the only way to request vectors would be to request Radar Vectors which would disregard your ILS/Visual or GPS approach request and ATC would just hand you off on base.
So the best if you want vectors would be to just not add waypoints between the STAR and Approach so ATC sees that vectors might be needed to bring you from the end of the STAR to the IAF/on final.


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