Question About Wind Shear

Is it normal to land in El Paso with a 497 kt tailwind, at 13 KIAS, with a ground speed of 509 kts? This happened to me earlier. The weather thing in the corner had a green checkmark and my Wifi was a full bars. I got no violations, but is this normal?

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This is surely an extreme tailwind! I think this would be a good question for a mod… I havent experienced anything do know there is a hurricane somewhere that is a cat 5 - could it be near there?? I’d check the real life weather there.

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That’s some wind! How’s your landing gear? ☺️

Did you check the real life weather for El Paso?

It’s supposedly at 74 mph right now in El Paso.

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I don’t see that as a veryyyy strong tailwind at final approach!!! It’s jus tooo much I say!

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They survived.

Hurricanes rarely hit San Antonio.

True true - I’d still check

Winds are heading 268 at 8 kts there IRL.

Weird occurrence - I’d ask a mod

It doesn’t matter now, but whatever.

Yeah - but if it were a problem with IF that could be fixed I would pursue it

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It isn’t normal. That isn’t even a normal wind at cruise. I’ve had 65kt winds when it was supposed to be close to 5 just because of a slow change in weather, but never in my life have I experienced a wind that was even a quarter of that, even at cruise.

My highest winds at cruise was a 258 kt crosswind flying from DCA to SJU.

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