Question About Wind Physics

Hey There IFC,

Lately I have been Curious about the wind Physics because they have really weird for me and to show what I mean let me set up a scenario.
So Let’s say you are about to take off from a runway and you have wind coming to the right side of your nose and by the time I’m bout to rotate instead of pushing me to left(because of the wind) it pushes me to the right which makes no sense and Idk if this is only for me or if Im just not smart enough with the wind and it only happens on takeoff not on landing.
If you have any ideas on why this happens let me know please.


This crosswind does in fact push your plane to the left in the air, but your nose will weathervane into the wind, making it go to the right. This might be giving you the impression that you’re getting pushed to the right when in reality the wind is actually pushing you to the left once you get into the air.


Oh Ok That makes sense Thanks for the Help I totally appreciate it


Yes, @Yacht is right.
This may help you understand it better:


Oh ok I seem to understand it better now Thanks a lot!


I’ve been experimenting just recently, in the Dash 8 and C208, because I was having trouble with them veering off the runway.

I used Solo mode and set my wind to about 80deg to one side. I found that the nose of the plane turns towards the wind just before rotate, and has to be corrected with rudder.

I was shown on another recent thread about how the correct crosswind takeoff technique is to lower the wind side wing, ie roll towards the wind. I was finding this had no effect, but it needs to be combined with the correcting rudder input to keep the nose straight.

The nose turning into wind is to be expected, especially with planes that have large high tails (eg Dash 8 and C208)… The tail catches the most wind and is pushed by the wind, which in turn pivots the plane around the main wheels, which turns the nose into the wind.

The problem in IF seems to be that the traditional lowering of the wind side wing doesn’t keep these planes straight, so I found there was no point, I just have to be ready with the rudder…

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Ohh ok Thank you for all of the detail I think I understand now so possibly the wind is hitting the Tail causing it turn something like that I am guessing this information totalies helps me out a lot Thank you again :)

Yeah, just be ready to counter that nose pivoting into the wind with rudder, and you need to be ready just before you rotate. Don’t pull up too much, you want to be able to keep seeing the runway as you fly up so you can adjust the rudder to hold straight.

I use the wind indication on the status bar to help … My rule of thumb : look at the wind arrow and use the rudder in the direction of the arrow.

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Haha lol Always have to have a rule this make understanding the wind so easier

If you are experiencing troubles on the take-off. Which in my opinion is not that aggressive compared to landing. If you experience with landing you will probably say it’s something wrong with SIM 😅😅😅😅

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lol the Landing is way more easier

Never. Never my friend. Do it without the ILS… And plus try STN airport when is windy 💨
You will feel sorry 💔 for your plane 😅😅😅😅
One of the most important things is controlling the speed ⏩ on a crosswind event

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Oh 3 days ago I was flying to Calgary and goly My plane was going left to right up and down and I got a -338 VS in a 737-8. 30 knots of wind You can always go around moment

You have to be fast for it

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You sure do lol

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