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So tomorrow I am planning on doing an EasyJet flight from London Luton To Paphos. Now, I have told, great website by the way, that I will have 152 passengers. I was watching a video tutorial on simbrief which said that the passenger wait includes 55 pounds of there luggage. Is it the same in IF? When I go to set wait and balance, should I set the 152 passengers and then separately add there luggage in the cargo section or is there luggage included in their own wait? Was wondering if anyone knew.

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For my Flights, I will go into IF, set the fuel to zero, passengers to desired amount, and then load up the cargo and input whatever I have into the system in Simbrief. Then it’ll be more accurate. Thing is, sometimes simbrief may overcompensate the weight of cargo and passengers. So your ZFW maybe calculated in simbrief as 200,000kg but you may have 196,000kg in IF. It happens when I fly the B77W. Not sure about the other Aircraft since I only fly the B77W.

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What I mean is once in IF is passenger luggage included in the “passengers” section. I am not taking extra cargo so if passenger luggage is included in the passengers section, I don’t need to add anything in the cargo section. But if the luggage is not included in the passengers section, I would need to add weight into the cargo section.

In Infinite Flight (and in Simbrief), the weight of passengers is the gross weight of the passenger (approx 80kg per pax). It does not take into account their luggage.

I usually do 35kgs per pax (so the number of pax * 35) to get the total cargo from the passengers’ belongings.

I hope this helped.

About, that, I am not too sure, but best not to take chances and risk it. I’d recommend Putting the ZFW of the aircraft into the simbrief itself even if you want or don’t want cargo.

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