Question about volume of fields covered on Expert vs Training

Can someone explain to me why the training server is always full and expertly empty? I would like to be able to make my flights as an expert and have atc ???

Most of the controllers for IFATC are asleep rn (except me and one other person). Also, since only a select few are allowed to control on expert, not any airports can be opened at a time :)



The reason why the Training Server have more ATC frequencies in operation is because anyone can use Training Server to practice their ATC skills and/or Pilot Skills.

This is compared to the Expert Server where ATC or IFATC (Expert Server Controllers) must pass both a written and practical test to be granted ATC access on the Expert Server.

The IFATC also follow a set schedule per week, which dictates where controllers are going to be open during the day and week.


FNF is the best time on expert.

At least two other IFATC are awake 😂️.


In addition, even though there are quite a few Expert controllers (there’s about 400 of us right now), we are all volunteers and control in our free time. We also have school, work, families, etc, so we can’t control all the time, but we do try to find as much time as possible to provide a service for you guys. Please don’t be disrespectful of this.

– Jakub

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and what are the stipulated times for the expert driver? I would like to be able to plan my flights where they are

I also have work and family, I just wanted to know the reason and after knowing how to fly where you are

The best time to get a busy Expert Server is during the Friday Night Flight! Spawn in at UTAA (FNF location (today)) in about 12 hours or so when most people will be flying - 1700Z-2200Z are always the busiest times.

I would be grateful if they put the airports

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The schedule for Expert is pinned at the top of the forum every week.

@ALCO ⬆️ Please read!

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