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Flew approach into San Diego on the training server and after making a few 360s for spacing per ATC, I made the approach to runway 27 with clearance to land. I was virtually over the runway and within feet of touch down when I received a go around command. Being so close, I continued the landing. After shuttting down I saw I had received a violation. Was my not going around the reason for the it?

You should always follow ATC instructions but I do not believe that you would receive an automatic system violation for this.

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You’ll find everything you should know about violations in the thread linked below. If you have any further questions, please ask there. Thanks in advance! :)

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Great thank you. I was looking for the subject of violations all throughout the topics available but couldn’t find anything. I definitely wanted to read up on the subject before asking.
Thanks again

Thank you. Yes your right. I should have followed ATC instructions to go around. I was starting to get a little fatigued and after the long flight and all the circles, I just wanted to get my plane on the ground. So hard for me to just shut off my iPad in mid flight. I take it pretty seriously lol.

Thanks speed bird.

Well looking at the image listing the violations, I didn’t see one for failure to follow ATC instructions so according to that, I shouldn’t have received a violation. So I’m wondering where it came from. I didn’t see any warning pop up.
Any way to find out your history of violations and the reasons for them? My goal is to not receive any more if possible.

Those (not following instructions) aren’t violations. Violations are automated. ATC cannot give you violations.

I received two speed violations while descending from 30K feet. I was on auto pilot and set to 200 kts. Auto pilot came off and I could not slow the aircraft in time to correct the speed. This is a bug that should be addressed.

  1. Autopilot only comes off if you press the button - your mistake

  2. You weren’t monitoring your instruments correctly, both A/P and airspeed, if you allowed A/P to turn off from 200 knots IAS as you indicate and reach 260 knots IAS (a 60 knot increase!) to get the violation - your mistake

  3. You’re rate of descent was clearly way too step to get such an overspeed that you ‘couldn’t recover from’ - your mistake

There is no bug, this is solely pilot error. A cumulation of at least three errors.

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It’s physics. High rate of descent, increase in speed.

Pull back on the yoke (so-to-speak), get a brief positive vertical rate, and your speed will decrease.

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Not so. I was not touching my iPad when it happened. My rate of descent was 600ft p/m hardly an accelerated descent. This has happened to me several times even while ascending.

I’m impressed by your ability to divine my specific flight and immediately claim “your mistake”.

This is a program simulation model. If you want to claim your model is infallible then you will be the first in the modeling/ simulation world to make such a claim.

I was pointing out what I believe is an issue in the programming. From many comments I’ve read this simulator has many issues.

I’ve got over 400 hours of IF time and not once have I experienced anything even remotely close to this. All situations have been controllable.

I have never heard of anyone else having a legitimate complaint about uncontrollable physics in IF either in recent versions. All are unproven that the simulator was at fault, and they appear to have a solution and be as a result of pilot error.

If you are also over speeding whilst ascending (as you stated above) then clearly your throttle / N1 % is too high. IF is not mysteriously making you hit above 260 knots IAS in a 1800 fpm climb if you have the correct throttle setting…

600fpm is one thing, but did you plan ahead? You should be under 250 crossing 10,000feet. Give yourself some space. Level off at 11,000 for example and burn off the speed. If you can’t bring the IAS down at 600fpm, then it’s your problem for not levelling off. It’s still on you.

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