Question about "Violations"

I got a violation because I left my flight from Athens to Dubai on autopilot. I don’t know what they were for.I got 3. Speed was 320 knots and I was at 25000 feet. Suddenly the plane started bobbing up and down so I ascended up to 30000 feet to stop the bobbing. I come back to get an error message about how I’m not allowed to be on the expert server as I’m now grade 2 due to violations. I wasn’t doing anything wrong as autopilot clearly at fault. It is also a good time now to address the issue of when on nav mod the plane goes up and down very fast. I wasn’t over speeding. Please help.thanks.

Have a look here, this explains violations for you. Ultimately, as the pilot you are responsible for your aircraft and planning.


I was doing other really important things, but I can understand.sorry

Have a look over the link that I provided and let us know if we could be of anymore assistance. Sometimes we have to learn the hard way but the stipulations are in place to enhance the IF experience. Kind Regards, Chris