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I am really confused about how these va work i tried to go through va topics but i still dont really understand how everything works. Like will someone be the CEO of the airline in the simulator then they will have employees as ifs pilots in the simulator to fly only using that specific airline to the destinations that airline uses in real life? And if you are in a VA are you not allowed to change airline and do you have to stick with that airline forever that you joined and what work exactly do these VA do? Sorry im very discombobulated 😂

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Hello , Va’s has an environment that will make virtual pilots feel real . Anyone can fly the route they want in the airline’s database and register their flight in the Crew centers created by the VA’s themselves. You can also have multiple Va’s at the same time !

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Good evening! I understand that you are confused about how Virtual Airlines (VA) work in Infinite Flight. Virtual Airlines are organizations that simulate the operations of real-world airlines within the flight simulation community. These VAs typically have a CEO who manages the airline and assigns routes for pilots to fly. Pilots who join a VA can then fly the assigned routes using the specific airline’s livery and rules.

However, joining a VA does not restrict you from flying other airlines or changing your airline preference. It just means that you are committed to flying for that specific VA and following their guidelines. As for what VAs do, they offer a community for like-minded individuals to come together and simulate airline operations, often including virtual training, events, and other activities.

If you still have questions or need further assistance with understanding VAs, I recommend reaching out to the Infinite Flight Virtual Airline Regulatory Board @IFVARB. They are the reputable organization that oversees the establishment and management of VAs, and they should be able to answer your questions and provide more information.

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Hello @Tina_Kwesha,

Someone is the CEO and have amployees?

Uhm yes everyone can create a VA as a CEO and submit it to IFVARB, they generally start with a CEO, COO and route manager for everything goes well and when the VA grew, they start having soo much people to manage and decide to recruit some other staff

Does VA only have one airline and only fly this airline route from IRL ones?

The answer is yes but a lot of them have codeshare with other VA and you can fly other airlines routes within the VA

Are you allowed to change VA and do you have to stay in one forever?

You can join more than one VA and most of them have a requirement of 1 flight peer month (can be less or more or none) and you have to fly with them at least one time during the assigned period, you can still fly at your own all the rest of the month and you can leave your VA at any time (I think)

What does VA do?

In a VA there is event with other people of the VA and it can be very fun, you can fly the airline you really want to with a rank (more you fly, more your rank is height and you unlock new aircraft) And it’s always fun to make friends within it.

You can ask me or IFVARB if you have more questions


As someone who didn’t get into the VA industry until last year when I took my first staff role at Turkish Virtual, until now with me creating my own VA as the CEO of @BreezeVirtual and I am pilots for @DeltaVirtual and @SouthwestVirtual, it has made flying feel so much more realistic! I’ve made a ton of new friends since and I don’t regret joining and making a VA at all! I would 100% recommend joining a VA to see how you like it. If you don’t like it, you can just leave. Most VA’s have an activity check which is usually 1 flight per month (varys on VA) to make sure you’re still active. With all of that in mind, I would check out to see all of the VA’s you can join, and who knows maybe you can make a VA in the future!


Hello! The VAs have a CEO and their staff board then their pilots which could technically be counted as employees. Here at SWVA we require 1 Flight a month but it varies VA to VA. Feel free to ask more questions and I’ll try and respond as fast as I can.

SWVA President

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Thank you do much

Thank you so much appreciated

Thank you do much for taking the time to explain it to me much clearer now, much appreciated

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Thank you do much for taking the time to explain CEO

Thank you everyone, this is all so interesting

As soon as I read the replies more questions popped into my head, I feel like they’re too many, I’ll leave them here for answers, If more questions pop in I will contact IFVARB center on 127.00

Additional Questions

Is there like a group chat for the VA where the pilots get assigned routes, what ways do the staff or VA owners contact everyone to assign their routes like do they message you individually to say, hey you are flying here today

So does the CEO keep track of the rank of the pilot who has done the most service in the airline?

Do the staff track you while you do the flight you were assigned?
Quick random - I was about to post a flight I did on my own in the Airline VA topic not being apart of the VA 😂

Is there like an interactive voice chat where you can talk to other pilots in the VA?

I’ve seen VA post about the pilots flights in their topic on the community so do the pilots send their screenshots in so the Staff pr CEO can post them in the VA topic in the community?

How does the entire rank thing work in the events “more you fly, more your rank is height and you unlock new aircraft” aren’t the aircraft all already unlocked if youhave a subscription, or you start of for example flying a 737 and the more service you do you can upgrade to a 787 something like that?

Okay Last Question (maybe) 😂

So as long a you are get accepted in the VA you will definitely be given routes straight away, so do the airline staff ask when you’re free so they can assign you a certain flight?
Again I just felt like I needed to post these if you made it this far much appreciated

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Most, if not all, VA’s use Discord as their primary form of communication nowadays.

A CEO would be responsible for updating the ranks of the pilots though they can also assign that responsibility to a Staff Member.

No… If you do file a flight for a VA, they do check the filed PIREP (Pilot Report) and could possibly ask for more information.

If there was, you’d most likely find them in the VA’s Discord. Though let it be said that there are certain restrictions in place by the IFVARB for security prevention measures.

I mean, there’s no restriction against doing so… you can choose to send your screenshots in your VA’s Discord and if the VA can definitely select to post those images onto their respective threads.

So this is entirely up to the VA. Each VA has a different set of rules for ranks and allowed aircraft. The most common model seen with VA’s is that each rank can be unlocked by logging more hours with the VA which will then unlock more aircraft for the pilot to fly. However, there are other models. For example, I believe Delta Virtual restricts their pilots to the distance of routes per rank which just means that you will be able to fly further as your rank increases.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen any VA “assign” you a route unless you’re operating off of Career Mode in which they might do so. However, the idea is that upon completing the process to join a VA, you will be able to access their routes.

My Two Cents

Having looked over your earlier questions, I think it might be easier to understand if you can see what the process is like. Each VA is different. They all have different requirements to join. Upon meeting those requirements, you can submit an application and upon acceptance, most VA’s will have you undergo some sort of training program or practical exam to ensure your proficiency in flight.

Following the successful completion of a practical exam or something along the lines of, you’ll be given an invite/access to the VA’s Discord server where you can communicate with VA Staff, fellow VA pilots, and ask questions. You’ll also most likely be introduced into this website called a Crew Center which will, at a minimum, host the VA’s Routes and PIREP filing system. Most VA Crew Center’s are pretty advanced and you should be able to see your stats in the VA through the Crew Center as well.

Now that you have access to the Discord and Crew Center, you can begin flying for the VA. You just need to select an aircraft you can fly and a route you can fly, fly it in Infinite Flight, and then submit a PIREP. A VA Staff member will review the PIREP and then either accept or deny it. If denied, they’ll probably give you a reason as to why. However, if it is accepted, you will be accredited the flight time. From there, it’s just rinse and repeat.

Of course, there’s a lot more to VA’s such as events, ROTWs, and unique aspects to each VA but if I were to get into that, this reply would qualify for a senior thesis. As someone who’s been relatively involved with the VA world for a few years now, I HIGHLY recommend you find a VA you’re interested in and apply, given you meet their requirements. From there, you’ll be able to explore more about a VA and what it’s like to be in one.


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Thank you very much for answering all these questions, you really helped me understand more I really appreciate you taking the time to explain precisely, very much appreciated this whole VA thing is interesting, again thank you

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My pleasure!

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