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Hello and good morning IF team. I do hope this is the right category to ask this question. How would I go about claiming a virtual airline?

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Hey there!

Super happy to see you interested in creating a virtual airline. Here’s how you can go about claiming a VA:

  1. Check that the virtual airline you are looking to create is not already taken. You can check here → and check that your VA is not already in the review process here →

  2. Check that you fit all the criteria:

  • Member trust level (TL2) forum account. This must be the CEO’s own account. VA specific accounts can only be made once your VA is certified.
  • Knowledge and experience of the VA community- We expect applicants to understand how the IFC VA community works and ideally know people who are a part of it. ‘Experience’ is a loose term; experience in a staff team for a VA is ideal but being part of a VA as a pilot or other member may be enough to qualify you. We will also consider applicants who may not have been apart of a VA specifically but have a good forum presence and/or have been active on the forum for a long time. We will consider each applicant using their experience statement.
  • New for this year, a website is now required when applying for a new Virtual Airline or Organization.
  • A Good level of maturity- We will assess this from your conduct when messaging IFVARB admins and staff, your general conduct on the forum, and in some cases will consult the moderation team for advice. There is no age limit, however, we can reject applicants based on their maturity alone.
  • Ensuring that it is not on the list of disallowed VAs or on the list of reserved VAs.

Lastly, fill out the required information on the apply page linked here:

Be prepared with the following:

  • Experience Statement
  • Operations Plan
  • Website

Best of luck on your VA adventure! We look forward to welcoming you to the VA community in the near future.


Thanks a bunch for the info. I will soon apply. 😉

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