Question about using VAs ingame

Well since this recent update, Display names are removed but VA arent affected, i see a lot of aircrafts flying with a “VA” on their names.

like: (Callsign and number + “VA”)

Now sometimes on those people it shows their VA membership, but i am going to ask, how they can use the “VA” on their callsign, does it goes into… like a verification if he or she is really a member of a VA/VO? or we are free and we can use those?

PS: Thanks @TaipeiGuru for changing!

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Technically we could never fully know if somebody actually was in a VA. It’s a trust thing, I don’t really think we can control it as those callsigns were available to everyone, not just VA members. A good indication is if their linked VA/VO is the same one that they are flying with, that’s not always able because people fly with different VAs.


There isn’t any verification required to use VA at the end of your callsign or have it in your virtual organization field here on the IFC. The thing is, if you would have a complaint you want to report to the VA/VO, callsign wouldn’t really matter as I guess they now all require IFC account to be linked for identification, so in case you’ll need to contact or report someone with VA in their callsign, you’re only 1 PM away from knowing whether the person is a real VA/VO pilot or just acts as if he is one.

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Well i guess its not illegal to use VA callsigns even if someone is not even a member of it.

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But why to use if you are not part of one


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