Question about users

I was asking myself
If users can develop airports
Talented user designers could make aircraft for the game

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If you’re looking to apply for the airport editing team then I strongly recommend taking a read through this topic linked below:

In regards to talented users designing aircraft for the game, there is already a team of 3D artists and developers that create and code the aircraft models that we have in game to ensure they are up to the standards that us as Infinite Flight users have come to appreciate.

If you would like to contribute to the app, then joining the airport editing team is certainly one of the best ways to do so.

Let us know if you have any questions!

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Yup I tried applying but I’m talking about users reworking their own aircraft or adding new aircraft

That is not possible currently

I think we would around the 2024-2025 era

The people who make the aircraft in Infinite Flight work for the company. This will not happen unless Infinite Flight decides to hire more people to build aircraft. Besides - even with the team we have now, it takes several months to a year to fully develop and release an aircraft. One person by themselves working on an aircraft would take significantly longer.

Yea exactly they could hire users to make certain aircraft while the rest of the team could focus on 1 aircraft

In theory it’s possible. But in practice the design process would have to be radically simplified. Fidelity would likely suffer. Quality control would be a nightmare. So, user experience would go down. And the brand would suffer.

It’s likely best practice to keep this specialized and therefore relatively tightly controlled. There’s an accumulated experience factor that likely can’t be standardized. Like a musician’s practiced experience.

If I’m not mistaken, they already use some external resources and third parties to create models for aircraft. It’s really a throughput issue, because once infinite flight gets the model, they have to make it theirs with the actual avionics modeling and the physics.

Yea , the a220 sounds were purchased right?

I don’t think they use third parties to create their models.

Well it’s the same thing as WarThunder if you’ve ever played the game. The modeling isn’t done in house. It’s outsourced to professional modeling studios, ex ArtVostok, Digital Forms, Room 8 Studio, etc.

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Oh , I mean surely by 2025 this feature will come out

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