Question about trusted member

How does this trusted system work here? I am trying to find info and understand it but I can’t. If someone can explain it that would be great!

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    Populeux Music
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This topic covers most of it :)


Thank you!

another quick question: I filled out my Bday on my profile will it be publicly visible to everyone?

Lemme check

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@Populeux_Music I cannot see your b day. All I see is that you are in California.

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It is public. Now that you have edited the “Date or Birth” section, your birthday will appear in the “Cakeday > Birthdays” section.


Yes it will be visible to everyone here.

For example, if you set your birthday to February 3, it will show up on that list. Additionally, you will have a cake icon next to your username indicating that it is your birthday. (It could also mean that it’s your anniversary for being on the forum.)

Hope this helps!

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Ok that’s what I wanted

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Is there a option to not show my real BDAY? Cause I’m fine if it pops up that one day. Just not comfortable with it being up on my profile all time

It’s not on your profile. It is only visible in the Cakeday section.

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If it’s your birthday or IFC anniversary you’ll have a cake symbol next to your username. Other than that, no one can see it unless it’s through the cakeday page.

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