Question about trim

so I did watch the tutorial video but I am still a little bit confused. I do not usually use trim, I usually get off fine without it. Do I have to use it to be considered “Realistic?” though or is it fine if I do not use it and it is more of a “It’s there when you need it” type thing

Technically you dont have to use it, but realistically they do.

Its totally up to you. I sometimes do it, I sometimes dont

Do what makes you happy in life ;)

great! thanks, because tbh I feel like I have more control without trim XD

DeerCrusher has a great guide for trim. Think you should take a look.


This one is nice and helpful as well.

For me, the reason to use trim is just for convenience. It’s really difficult to fly planes like the 737, DC-10, MD-11, 747, and even the 787 without some trim.

In real life, they use trim for takeoff and landing (I think). But I only use it for landing except for the trijets.

Thats funny I’ve been using the 787 and 737 without trim pretty easily my whole life, I guess its just prefrence :P

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You’ll be enlightened when you put in a nice 30% trim in the 739. You’ll ask yourself how you managed to fly it before.

I use the 737-700 mostly I don’t think I have ever used the 737-9 XD

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