Question about Traffic Advisories

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I’ve spent 30 minutes reading threads about Traffic Advisories, but I still don’t understand? I just started playing this game so I have a pretty vague concept of it. Hope to be taught by the IF community.

I sincerely thank…

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Traffic advisories are used by the pilots to indicate when doing pattern work around an airport. ‘XXXX is using runway 10 right traffic’ meaning he is making right traffic while doing pattern work


we use this after inbound?

No after u takeoff from an airport and u want to do pattern work around the airport u took off from

can we use this when landing?

U use inbound and report position on unicom when landing. Traffic advisories are for pattern work only

ok we will use this when request take off, right?

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ok sir, thanks ❤️

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No, they are not. Traffic advisories are completely relevant for inbound traffic too.


Example please?

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Aircraft reports that a runway is using right traffic, inbound aircraft know that they should plan for a right downwind and right base as to enter the traffic pattern successfully and efficiently.


Anyways, @Duy, welcome to Infinite Flight and the Infinite Flight Community, I hope you enjoy your time here.

While messaging other users is an option in terms of gaining knowledge, the most detailed and most reliable source of information in regard to the simulator is the official Infinite Flight Flying Guide, to which I have linked below. Of course, there are sources out there that have more complicated concepts, but for now, the flying guide is your best friend. I would highly recommend reading it and getting to know the basics before flying on an online server.


thanks sir

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An example of traffic advisories usage while flying inbound is available in the user guide here:

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