Question about Tracking Threads

If I wanted to start a quick tracking thread for my journey’s, say I have a couple of hundred planned, which will include return flights, is that something we are still allowed to post on the Live section? It will include in-flight pictures as well. If not that is okay, just wanted to ask before doing so.

#live is not a category designed for tracking threads. That category is more based around events, discussions about the game itself, and group flights. Tracking threads are mostly found in #atc. Tracking threads can be used to denote whether you are open or closed while controlling an airport on the training server, usually used during pre-IFATC Training. With that being said, you may create a tracking thread for you completing a “challenge.” For example “Flying Every Route From Orlando.” However, feel free to make #screenshots-and-videos topics, as well as #live:groupflights and #live:events for your flights!

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Thanks for your response! That makes sense, and I am assuming going every single place on ones bucket list using only real aircraft used and airlines, including all of the stopovers on the journey with return flights from one location is not a challenge haha. Thanks, I will put it in #screenshots-and-videos. Follow up question, would I need to create multiple different posts? Or would one Thread be okay if I was to do this on #screenshots-and-videos?

You can only have 10 pictures per every #screenshots-and-videos. No threads allowed. You could also make something similar to this highlighting your challenge.

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Interesting, thank you for this suggestion, will look into how I would be able to word this into being a challenge, thank you! And thank you for the information on the #screenshots-and-videos section!

I appreciate all of the advice received here, I have put the challenge tracking thread live. It can be found below.

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