Question about tower traffic calls in IF

Is there a way to give more specific traffic advisories other than, “Check your immediate vicinity”? I seen the advisory for a takeoff clearance for traffic on final or on a base. I was wondering about traffic advisories for aircraft in departure corridor for a someone doing vfr pattern work, or for a way to have a vfr a/c to call someone in sight. Thank you!

The process for giving radar traffic advisories are outlined in the FAA’s 7110.65 para 5-1-8. You can follow the phraseology below to give accurate traffic advisories as prescribed by the FAA.

TRAFFIC, (clock azimuth) O’CLOCK, (distance) MILES, (direction), (type), (altitude).

Some examples I put below

“N123AB, Traffic twelve o’clock, seven miles, eastbound, MD-80, at one seven thousand.”
“UAL1, Traffic two o’clock, five miles, northbound, Cessna Citation at five thousand.”
“AAL515, Traffic three o’clock, six miles, eastbound, type unknown, altitude indicates six thousand”

After deliveing this traffic advisory, it is the pilots responsibility if they deem vectors around the traffic is needed. Make sure to give enough advance so they can decide in time.

For more information on Merging Target Procedures and Safety Alerts, you can view this attatched video by UND Aerocast: ATCast: 04 - Merging Target Procedures - YouTube

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