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Melbourne* (YMML), Adelaide (YPAD), Hobart (YMHB), Gold Coast (YBCG), Cairns (YBCS), Sunshine Coast (YBSU), Newcastle (YWLM)

Featured Airline: Virgin Australia & Jetstar

This is on the ATC schedule as most of you already know. How can I find out what time each airport will have ATC coverage so I can plan my flights in advance?

It switches at 0600z

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Hello there,

Region will change at 0600z and it will be alive for 24 hours until 0600z on Thursday.

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The region changes at 0600Z, as previously stated.

It is never certain when an airport will be open because IFATC does not give a specific schedule. However, the Hub Airport(s), (Airport with a *) will usually be staffed by at least Ground and Tower at all times.

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To be clear, if I wanted to fly from somewhere to YMML overnight, there is a fairly high chance of ATC coverage at my arrival?

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Oh thanks that’s very helpful

If there is an event, the first airport listed or an airport with a star (*) will most likely have ATC. During some events, if the first airport isn’t full, the others can’t be staffed, but this will be highlighted if this is the case.

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